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By Lyndsie

Food photography gets a bad reputation, probably because so many people carry their smartphones to dinner and hold up the table trying to find the perfect angle for their IHOP crepes. For serious foodies – those who love to cook, to create, to discover, and to taste – photographing their meals is about so much more than that. There's a reason food styling is such an increasingly popular occupation. See if these foodie photographers don't make you want to up your Insta game.

1 Ang Sonny and His Appreciation of Breakfast

Seriously, these breakfasts are works of art. Ang doesn't focus solely on food, so I guess I'm cheating just a little, but you'll find food more often than you won't and you'll get hungry every time.

2 Our Food Stories, Who Inspire #lifeenvy

Instagram's _foodstories_ belongs to Nora Eisermann and Laura Muthesius, a food stylist and photographer respectively. They're based in Berlin and they must be each other's foodie muses because their photos are stunning. They practically beg to be turned into prints. I want to live my entire life on their gorgeous kitchen table.

3 Stefaniegoldmarie, for Making Healthy Look Lovely

This Austrian food stylist is killing it in the best way. She loves fresh, healthy foods and styles them in a way that will make you love them, too. There are also quite a few sweet indulgences, so it's actually worth it to check out her Insta and her recipe blog.

4 My Life is Delicious, for Sharing All That Deliciousness

Nads is eighteen different kinds of delightful, in just as many different ways. Not only will her foodie photos leave your stomach growling, but she'll make you fall in love with Zurich. Also, how awesome is that tattoo?

5 Diala Canelo and Her Fresh Take

Diala of @dialaskitchen is a Toronto-based food stylist and recipe creator, and I strongly recommend her recipes. She comes up with amazing dishes and photographs all of them beautifully, but what makes her stand out – to me, at least – is her ability to make food look beautiful even in its rawest stages. Quartered figs, whole clementines, chopped garlic – she shows us that the little details are as lovely and essential as the larger components.

6 Zlata P. Because of Her Whimsy

Zlata takes the prettiest photos. They really are some of the most whimsical photographs you'll spot on Instagram. Sweets are her specialty and she has a real knack for turning food into decor.

7 The Minimalism of Earlymorningheart

First of all, I love Janne's Instagram – there's something poetic and evocative about her @earlymorningheart handle that's perfectly reflected in her photography. Her minimalist approach actually makes you think of Oslo, plus she makes intriguing use of negative space and bright colors.

8 Keen for Her Keen Eye

Keen Malasarte's @acupofkeen account isn't devoted to food, but beautiful dishes regularly make an appearance. She has an eye for rustic dishes and spaces, so the mix of architecture, decor, and food you'll find on her Insta has a seamless flow. And yes, coffee features very heavily, but also very tastefully.

9 Daria Boronina and Her Eye-catching Entrees

Don't get me wrong, Daria's desserts, breakfasts, lunches, and appetizers are just as eye-catching. The Moscow-based food editor and photographer has a good eye for vivid colors and she knows how to style food to the best advantage. She's a great example of how to appeal to the stomach through the eyes.

10 Adam Goldberg for Proving That It is a Life Worth Eating

Adam's Insta contains a treasure trove of amazing photos and many of them feature food as the star subject. It's because he clearly has such an appreciation for all sorts of eats and cuisines, which easily explains the sheer variety of drool-worthy snaps he takes as he travels.

11 Farmer T and His Backstage Pass

Tucker Taylor, a culinary gardener also known as @farmert, gives us a behind-the-scenes view of the fresh, delicious food we love before it ever reaches the plate. From rainbow carrots to fresh herbs still in the ground and eggs still in their nests, you get to see beautiful food in its natural state. Yum!

12 Spoonforkbacon for the Best Recipes

Not only does @spoonforkbacon have the best username ever, but Teri Lyn Fischer, an incredible food stylist, and Jenny Park, an equally talented photographer, also have the best foodie photos. Oysters on the half shell, Thanksgiving sandwiches, seasonal treats – they'll tempt you with their photos and then give you the recipe because they're aces like that.

13 Aran Goyoaga for Everything

No fake, @cannellevanille is one of my favorite Instagram accounts, period. Aran is from Basque and now lives in Seattle, and her photography is breathtaking. Check out her Instagram and you'll instantly see the way it flows, so that the food shots somehow complement the photos of houses, frosted fields, and flowers.

14 Richard Blais Because He's Richard Blais

Heather and I argue about Richard Blais all the time because she loves him and I don't – and I don't know why! However, he is not on the level of my feelings toward Anne Burrell or Robert Irvine so I'm fully willing to admit he creates beautiful dishes – and unlike an unfortunate number of celebrity chefs, he knows how to photograph them. Yay, Blais.

15 David Lebovitz for Bringing Paris to the World

As a huge Francophile, I am understandably enamored with French cuisine. Never in my life have I eaten so well or with such enthusiasm as when Heather and I honeymooned in Paris, and I say that as a fat girl who loves chocolate. David's photos of baguettes, marmalade, fresh produce, and even fresh meat will make you feel as if you're shopping for your evening meal right along Boulevard St. Germain.

16 Alison Roman, Who Makes Buzzfeed Food a Better Place

Alison's Insta is filled with quirky foodie photos: head-tilting angles, oddly placed lights, weird designs. There's something very hipster avant garde about it that keeps you coming back. There's some brilliance in these shots, you just have to look twice to find it sometimes.

17 Joe Ozersky for the Meat

Seriously, the man behind @jozersky has my heart. He loves meat and he wants to share his love with you. Let him share. Take his love. Look at his steaks. And burgers. And ribs. And slabs of bacon. I think there's even auspice in there somewhere, but sorry, Joe, I will not let you share your auspice with me.

18 Ashley Rodriguez Because of Salt

Seriously, if you know Not Without Salt, you know Ashley – better known as @ashrod. Her photos are stunning, whether they feature food or the spectacular sights she spots throughout the world.

19 April Bloomfield for the Inspiraton

April is the genius chef at Spotted Pig as well as The Breslin, and she's kind of a big deal. Not only is she just generally awesome, but her Instagram is such an inspiration to foodies, gourmets, gourmands, amateur cooks, and wannabe chefs. Seriously, if the recipes don't get you, the plating will.

20 Dominique Ansel and His Sweetness

Literally. Pastry takes on a whole new dimension when Dominique Ansel does the baking. He's a multi-talented chef, but his desserts are often architectural masterpieces. And don't worry, his Instagram isn't filled with cronuts.

21 Diane Cu for the Wonder of White on Rice

Along with her husband, Diane Cu is the mastermind behind White on Rice – if you're familiar, you already know where this is going. This Insta is instadelicious. Diane and Todd not only bring out the best in each other, but they're happy to share their love of food and photography with the world, one dish at a time.

The #instafood world is about more than strategically snapped shots at a fancy restaurant. There are food photographers and stylists who turn their food into art – for the taste buds as well as the eyes. Do you follow any #instafoodies? Who's your favorite photographer?

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