10 Incredibly Interesting Restaurants ...

By Jenny

If you are tired of eating at the same old restaurants with the same boring atmosphere, perhaps it is time you tried one of these interesting restaurants. Whether it is the incredible setting or the stimulating ambiance, these eateries are anything but ordinary. While most of these interesting restaurants won’t be local to you, they are definitely worth trying out on your next vacation or day trip!

1 Ninja New York

Location: 25 Hudson St. in Manhattan, NY

If you are looking for exciting entertainment while you eat a delicious meal, Ninja New York should be at the top of your list of must-try establishments. As well as delectable Japanese food, this interesting restaurant provides a live ninja street fight that breaks out all around you! The entire restaurant is designed to look like an ancient ninja village which helps you become immersed in the incredible experience.

2 The Safe House

Location: 779 North Front Street in Milwaukee, WI

If you've always wanted to be a spy or secret agent, this interesting restaurant can make your dreams feel like reality. This restaurant is covertly hidden within "International Exports LTD" and you must provide the password before entering. If you fail to use the correct password you will be asked to perform a ludicrous task that is broadcast live inside the restaurant. If you are looking for an exciting way to pretend you are someone else for a night, this place is perfect for you! Relax, enjoy phenomenal food and drinks and let the spy within show through! PS… the password is "I’m looking for a Safe House."

3 Opaque

Locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco & San Diego, CA; New York, NY; and Dallas, TX,

It is said that when you lose one of your five senses all of the others are heightened. Opaque allows you to experience this for yourself. You eat your entire tasty meal in absolute darkness. This encourages you to use your sense of smell and sense of taste to better enjoy each savory bite of your entrée and each sweet morsel of your dessert. In most of these restaurants you are served by legally blind waiters or waitresses who experience their meals like this every day. While other restaurants change their décor or menu to impress you, Opaque blacks out all of your surroundings and forces you to focus all of your attention on the flavors invading your mouth.

4 Forbes Island

Location: San Francisco Bay, CA

Forbes Island is a man-made floating island in the San Francisco Bay. There are two options for dining at the restaurant, but no matter which option you choose you can’t go wrong. You can enjoy your Zagat recommended feast underwater next to a homey fireplace in an enclosed restaurant, but if that seems too claustrophobic for you, have no fear. If dining in the open-air is more your style, you can dine alfresco around the base of the island’s lighthouse as you watch the sun setting on the water. A more romantic restaurant setting may not exist.

5 Dick’s Last Resort

Locations: Indianapolis, IN; Panama City, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Minneapolis, MN; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; San Diego, CA; San Antonio & Dallas, TX; Baltimore, MD; Nashville & Gatlinburg, TN; and Myrtle Beach, SC

This interesting restaurant chain is really one of a kind. Most businesses pride themselves on wonderful service and friendly staff. Dick’s Last Resort has gone the opposite direction and encourages wait staff to be rude and insulting to customers. The clientele are, in turn, encouraged to be just as belligerent. Your waiter may give you a paper hat with an offensive name or statement on it or mock you in front of the rest of your table. Don’t worry, this is all in good fun and the goal is humor, not hurt feelings. If you tend to be snide and sarcastic, like me, this place is your home away from home! The icing on the cake is that they have truly amazing food.

6 Casa Bonita

Location: Denver, CO

If you are a South Park fan like I am, you have already heard of Casa Bonita. There is an episode where Eric Cartman is chosen as an alternate to go to Casa Bonita for a birthday party. He basically abducts one of his classmates in order to go in his place. Why? Because Casa Bonita is the most amazing restaurant of all time! They have cliff divers diving into a pool from 30 feet in the air. There are gun fights, pirate battles and puppet shows! What I didn’t know, at the time that I was watching the show, was that this place is real! There is only one location, it is a giant pink building topped with a 22 karat gold leaf roof and it really does feature all of the live shows I mentioned as well as several more. This truly may be the most entertaining restaurant; it is without a doubt one of the most interesting.

7 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Location: Rangali Island, Maldives

This restaurant alone is worth making the trip to the Republic of Maldives. This is the only restaurant of its kind and it is truly magnificent. Ithaa lies 16 feet below sea level and is made almost entirely out of clear acrylic, providing the most magnificent view imaginable. Their mouth-watering food is an added bonus to the unsurpassed scenery swimming past you. The restaurant only holds 14 people at a time and is only expected to last another 15 years, so move going to this restaurant to the tippy top of your Bucket List!

8 Dinner in the Sky

Location: Anywhere

For those of you far, far braver and wealthier than I am, if you happen to have a spare $50,000 in your pocket, I have quite an exceptional dinning experience for you! For the amount of money stated, you and up to 22 of your most fearless friends can rent the Dinner In The Sky experience. You will be lifted nearly 200 feet in the air where, for approximately an hour, you will dine on impressive food and sip from the extensive bar selection. You can eat in the air virtually anywhere for the right amount of money. Their current US locations are in Florida and Las Vegas but they are spread throughout the entire world.

9 Alice in Wonderland

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Should you find yourself in Tokyo at some point, I assure you that you will have a plethora of unique and interesting restaurants to choose from, but take my advice and opt for Alice in Wonderland. The décor is exaggeratedly large once you enter the dining area, causing you to instantly feel as though you have shrunk. The entire restaurant features psychedelic floors and walls, giving you the trippy feeling of being in the Alice in Wonderland universe. It isn’t often we get to play make-believe as adults; this is one place where it is expected of you.

10 Rainforest Café

Locations: Almost everywhere!

This is, without question, one of my all-time favorite restaurants. Whenever my husband and I are traveling in the vicinity of a Rainforest Café I always insist that we eat there. The entire restaurant is decked out in trees and vines, giving it a realistic rainforest feel. There are animatronic jungle animals all around the tables and booths that are triggered at 15 minute intervals, at which time they start making noise and moving around. The animal animation is accompanied by thunder sounds and flashing lights to replicate lightning. The food is to die for and you absolutely must try the volcano cake! You can purchase a souvenir to remember your mini-jungle vacation in the gift shop, which is full of plush versions of the animals located throughout the restaurant.

All of these interesting restaurants are exceptionally impressive for one reason or another. When an establishment takes the time to make the atmosphere as fun, interactive and downright incredible as these places have you just know that the food will be as creative and outstanding! Have you been to any of these places? What are some of the most interesting restaurants you have eaten at?

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