10 Best Teas for People Who Need to Soothe an Aching Throat ASAP ...

By Pinky

With summer ending and fall coming, the quick weather change always ends up giving me a sore throat. I've searched and tried these best teas for your throat! I don't know about you, but I dislike taking medications, especially if they knock me out. I don't like waking up drowsy and feeling even sicker than the night before. I'm thankful for these tea remedies to help soothe, aid and heal! Here are the best teas for your throat!


TEAMI Alive is the best tea for your throat and it’s all because of the benefits of this brand and tea! TEAMI Alive is all natural, dairy free, soy free, non-GMO and vegan! Talk about AWESOME! This tea is a combination of ginger, honey, lemongrass and green tea. The real kicker is the combination of the honey and lemon, which is PERFECT for sore throats. The benefits of this tea eliminate chronic exhaustion, boost your metabolism, and heighten your senses to help you focus and concentrate. It also increases energy levels and relieves muscle pain and inflammation. It purifies the colon and increases your blood circulation, which also improves your skin complexion, detoxes the kidney and liver, decreases migraines, and relieves discomfort from stomach cramps. AND, lastly but, surely-- it provides nutrients and vitamins to help the body heal itself! YAS, slay that sore throat!


This is another TEAMI product, but this specific tea is slightly different. This blend helps strengthen the immune system, fights against cancerous cells, and detoxifies and rejuvenates internal organs. It helps improve blood circulation, promotes soft and even skin complexion as well as reduces food cravings. This gem can help aid in healing a sore throat as it strengthens the body as a whole. It targets not only your throat but also whatever bacteria or infection caused the sore throat to stop it from spreading throughout the whole body! That's a win in my book if you ask me!


Another fabulous company, Teaspressa, brings you premium tea blends sourced from tea farms around the world. It will definitely please coffee drinkers and tea drinkers alike by bringing you gourmet tea drinks in lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos. Say what?! YES! With the elegant tea flavors and the robust body of caffeine without the crash or jitters! WIN! Introducing Cape Town-- an herbal tea with lots of flavor and tons of healthful benefits. Add a slice of lemon and a dose of honey, and this brew can definitely help aid in that sore throat!


Teaspressa also has another spectacular tea blend that is sure to provide help when your throat is feeling sore. Green Gold is a green tea blend. Green tea is known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, meaning it can help tackle those nasty bugs that are making you feel sick! It is also a great beverage to help boost your immune system, which will help reduce the length of your cold, sore throat, or whatever illness you may feel. Thanks, Teaspressa, you rule!


If you're looking for a quick drugstore or grocery store pick-up, I highly recommend purchasing this gem. Yogi's tea is an organic blend of tea leaves, specifically using elm bark, which is known to relieve minor throat irritation. It also uses wild cherry bark, which is known to have soothing effects, as well as give off a sweet cherry flavor. There is also echinacea root and peppermint for a cooling sensation and other great ingredients! This specific blend is flavored with honey lemon, which is a go-to taste for most tea drinkers. Yogi also provides this particular throat comfort in a plain flavor. Take your pick!


Now, if you haven't noticed, a lot of teas are usually paired with lemon and honey. Curious to know why? Glad you are! Lemon contains citrus acid, which helps break up mucus that causes sore throat and helps to soothe your throat from pain and inflammation. It's also rich in vitamin C, which helps boost your immune system to help you fight off the infection. Lemon is also a natural antiseptic to help kill bacteria or virus in the throat. It also helps increase salivation or drool to help keep the throat moistened and lubricated to prevent throat irritation. Who would've thought? Now, why the honey? Good question! Honey also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, which reduces any swelling. It helps soothe any irritation and also acts as an antibacterial and an antiseptic to help fight against bacteria or viruses. You can technically just create your own "tea," made of just warm water, honey, and lemon. Talk about natural and soothing!


If you want to create your own blend, this has been a "go-to" drink in our household passed down from my Grandma, to my Mom and now to myself. I'm happy to share this drink recipe with you! All you'll need is to brew some hot water and steep lemon, ginger, and honey. Now, we know lemon and honey have similar properties in aiding the soothing of a sore throat by being an antibacterial, antiseptic natural agent, amongst many other things. Ginger gives the drink a little kick! Ginger will help you sweat out the toxins in your body, which will help get rid of that nasty bug and help you kick that sore throat to the curb!


Now, if you are 21 and over, I'm sure you've heard your parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles mention this famous drink! A hot toddy is an alcoholic tea beverage. Yes, you read that right! It's made with either bourbon or whiskey (pick your match), a tablespoon of honey, hot water, and fresh lemon! A hot toddy is known to help a sore throat thanks to the honey and lemon, and the alcohol is there to help you to sleep-- more so to rest! Drink responsibly, folks, alcohol does have a tendency to produce more mucus. So, really choose your battles wisely and don't consume alcohol, especially if you are taking antibiotics. BE SMART!


Peppermint is known to have decongestant properties and is known to soothe sore throats. Peppermint also has antimicrobial properties, which will help kill off any virus or bacterias! I like to drink my peppermint tea plain, as it already provides a robust flavor. And, I really like the decongestant aspect of it. But, sometimes a little honey will do just the trick to sweeten it up a bit! The best part is that honey will also help aid in healing that sore throat! So either way works!


Last one for the books, ginger and honey tea! This bad boy quickly does the trick! I highly recommend brewing this with fresh grated ginger. Not only will this tea help your throat, it will make you sweat! I like to boil about a cup of hot water, steep the fresh grated ginger for a few minutes, and then drain it just to remove the grated pieces. Sweeten it with a few tablespoons of honey and voila! This tea is sweet, spicy, and definitely makes you feel refreshed!

These are just a few of my go-to teas to drink for my sore throat. I know there are tons of other blends and concoctions out there! What are some of your go-to teas to drink? Are there any teas that you have tried that really didn't do anything for you? Have you tried any that just tasted awful? Sound it off in the comments, I want to hear what you have to say.

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